About Me

I’m a Just Dance champion; a vegetarian; an attorney; a mom; a former All American cheerleader; an aspiring writer; a wife; a dog lover, but Boxers have my heart; a ballerina; a lover of Italy; an avid reader; a sometimes chef but dedicated baker; a road tripper; and a budding photographer.  I love to travel and learn new things and I like dessert for dinner (or breakfast…or lunch) and I practice Pilates because of that last sentence.  And I’m a suburbanite who would love for you to join me on the journey.  I promise thoughtful writing, new ideas and lots of beautiful things to see!

I’ve lived in a loft downtown as a law student, the country on acreage as a Prosecutor and newlywed and now a corner lot in the suburbs as a stay at home mom and I am excited to share my adventures with you!


You’ll find a little bit of everything on my blog: recipes and cocktails to love; books to read; what to wear and how; and tips for where to go when you’re out and about.

I travel with my Boxer whenever possible

I am a proud mom of four, so here you’ll also find my thoughts and real opinions, good or bad, on each and every kids (and parents!) toy or game we bring home.


And when the ‘burbs feel a little isolating, I love to open up my world and explore and I’ll document our weekends away here too.

How do you suburb?  Subscribe, then check in eagerly and often as I share my fun with you and please get in touch to share your ideas and comments too!  Looking forward to suburbing with you!

On the outskirts, in style!


Rach xoxo





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