Thanksgiving 2018: That happened, who needs a drink?


WE MADE IT! And Turkey Day 2018 is going down in the books as a success!

And now it’s on to Christmas decorating.  But first, as a warm up and to get us in the right frame of mind for tackling exactly where that last ornament should go on the tree, a cocktail.

And this is no ordinary drink.  With its red hue and perfectly balanced bitter to sweet ratio, it’s a great holiday drink that uses vodka in a whole new way.  It’s called the Red Lotus.

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Serve it at your next holiday party or pour it over ice as you admire your twinkling lights.  Either way, you’ll be glad you made it.

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Red Lotus:

1.5 ounces Vodka (we love Tito’s)

1.5 ounces Lychee liqueur

1 ounce cranberry juice

Just pour all of these ingredients in a shaker (or mason jar with a lid) with ice, shake out some holiday stress and pour over ice. Garnish with a lime wedge and serve!


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