Dinner Is Served: Simple and Delicious (Vegetarian) Meatless Meals!

If you read my blog, you know I’m a vegetarian.  And since I’m Top Chef in the house, that means my family is (mostly) vegetarian too!  But they’re not complaining because my recipes are packed with flavor and lean toward the healthier side so we all leave the table feeling full but fresh.

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And after scouring the Internet in the hopes of finding some new recipes to add to our rotation, I decided that there are relatively few vegetarian meal plans that actually work for the whole family.  It’s time I change that.

I’m a proud mom of four and my husband has a long commute-so when it’s dinner time, everyone’s hungry.  It’s important for me that our vegetarian meals include only ingredients I can find at my weekly grocery stops (who has time for special trips or money to pay the cover charge at Whole Foods?) and that they come together quickly (some of these take ten minutes or less).  If recipes can’t fall into either of those categories, I’m out and onto the next one.

So, I’ve put together a week and a half’s worth (and counting!) of meatless meals that I hope you will try and love like my family does.   Some are healthy, vegetarian versions of the classics and others sound totally different and you should make them because they are totally delicious.  Either way, the list is full of simple dinner ideas you can put together quickly that taste outstanding.

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I’ve really come to love meal planning.  And by meal planning I mean writing down a menu with a list of ingredients to make it happen.  I hated it at first because I enjoy the spontaneity and challenge of putting together a meal with what I have on hand in a hurry, but to be honest that doesn’t always work out.  So now I just make sure I have all the ingredients to make each of the recipes at any given time, so I can still change it up at the last minute if I feel like being a rebel.  Hey, it’s the little things.

I’m not going to try and convince anyone to become vegetarian.  But I am challenging you to try one or all of my recipes and see if you can’t find some delight in dinner again!


I’ve included the first idea below, and check back daily as I add a new recipe for you to try!  And don’t worry, we’ll start easy-

Day One: Pizza


Shopping List: 

  • Jiffy Pizza Crust (Note: this is way less expensive than prepackaged pizza dough and just requires you add water=my kids LOVE making a mess in the kitchen mixing and kneading their own dough and I love that it’s so cheap and delicious!)
  • Pizza Sauce (I use Classico’s version and my kids love switching it up by using Alfredo sauce too!)
  • Mozzarella and Paremsan cheese (Note: This is the one exception I make to not buying pre-shredded cheese because otherwise I will be in the kitchen for hours shredding enough Moz to satisfy my four cheese monsters so lets all agree to get over the whole pre-shredded cheese war just this once)
  • Favorite Toppings (Note: Go crazy!  A few faves at our house are black olives, green peppers, purple onion, sun-dried tomatoes, etc.)

This couldn’t be easier-just follow the Jiffy Pizza Crust package instructions for making and baking the dough, smear your sauce and toppings over it and bake!

Check back tomorrow to see my modern, vegetarian twist on an old-school recipe your whole family will absolutely devour-Mashed Potato Soup!

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