It Is Better To Give Than To Receive: My Top 5 Best Guy Gifts To Give This Holiday Season

My love language is gifts.  And I enjoy the brainstorming and code-cracking of their interests way more than just buying what they told me to-for me, there’s no joy in that at all.  I mean come on-is there anything better than opening a gift someone has taken the time to look into and match to your likes, demonstrating to you that they know you, get you, deep down?  I really don’t think so.

So even though it’s only October I enjoy gifting so much that I literally spend small moments throughout the entire year planning, researching and mulling over ideas for what to give.  And besides my kids-because their reactions are the BEST-my most favorite person to gift something to is my man.

And based on his reactions over the years, I’d say I’m pretty good at it.  So, with plenty of time left on the calendar, I’ve created for you a list of my Top 5 Best Guy Gifts to give this holiday season, or anytime of the year, in no particular order:

  1. Man Crates

If the man in your life enjoys imbibing on the occasional drink, what better way to wet his whistle than with a personalized decanter for his favorite spirits?  And the coolest dude-approved part is the way this gift is packaged: whatever you order literally comes in a small wooden crate with an attached crowbar that must be used to open it.  Definite points for presentation and saves you the wrapping time so, win-win.

This gem of a company was my knight in shining armor when I was struggling to decide on what to gift my husband for his birthday and Father’s Day, which happen to be in the same month.  Perhaps even more than the actual gifts themselves, I love reading through all of the humorous descriptions of what’s included in each crate.


I ended up purchasing the Whiskey Appreciation Crate; it comes with a custom decanter for his favorite scotch or whiskey and two heavy glasses with his initials on them; two slate coasters and two ice molds for the freezer; it also included some premium snacks to nosh on with the drinks, but the highlight is the beautiful decanter that’s now on display in our wet bar.  He loves the sophistication of it all and it has really elevated his nightcap ritual.  So if your man is still drinking light beer after work, tell him it’s time to grow up and get his stiff drink on.  Man Crates can help.


And if drinking’s not his thing, they have dozens of other themed crates, like grilling, fishing, hunting, new dad and wilderness preparedness, grooming…You get the drift.  You can shop them here and don’t forget to read the incredible descriptions.

2.  Distillery Tour

I’ve lost count of the number of times my husband has taken me somewhere that was clearly just for me-whether it’s a favorite boutique or tickets to the ballet, he has willingly suffered through dressing rooms and plays and concerts that he definitely did not want to attend.  And if you’re reading my blog about the best gift ideas for your man, chances are the man in your life has done the same for you a time or two.  So why not turn the tables and take him on a tour of a distillery so he can bear witness to how his favorite libations come to be?

If you read my blog you know we LOVE getting away for a long weekend to the Texas Hill Country.  While it’s known for wine, there are actually great distilleries in the area, with new ones opening every year.  I found this great website that lays out all the best places to stop on the Texas Distillery Trail.  Most have free tastings at the end of the tour and bottles for sale on site.  Some even have live music so you can stay awhile in the beautiful Texas weather and sip on your sample while you remind him what a rock star wife you are for putting the whole thing together.  Sometimes tours are first come, first serve and others require time slots or tickets, so check the individual websites for more information and hit the Texas Distillery Trail!

And even if you don’t live in Texas, you get extra points for booking a flight to do the tours or if that’s too much, a quick Google search should point you in the right direction of locally made brews and spirits in your area too!  And bonus-if you already ordered the man crate, snag a bottle of his favorite distillery sample for the decanter!

3.  A Custom Tailored Suit

Now that he’s got a custom decanter with his favorite new whiskey for his version of adult-ing, let’s turn to clothes.  And I’m not talking about button downs or golf shirts, ladies.  Whether your guy suits up everyday or only skims the surface of business casual, every man needs a classic suit in his closet, period.  So up his suit game with a custom tailored fit and if you want it to be epic, like all great clothing, it has got to be Italian.

Trunk Shows

I’m going light on this section because this is the one gift idea I havn’t already done and I don’t want to spoil any surprises for anyone who may or may not be reading this, but suffice it to say there are traveling tailors that can stop in to your man’s office and take the measurements while he’s on a call.  Done.  Hassle free, tailored to his specifications, and a suit that screams BOSS.

4. Grooming

Beards are having a moment, but so are stellar haircuts and overall groomed looks for dudes.  A sweet way to take something he already has to do-like a haircut-and make it really special could be the difference between Merry and Christmas.  I recently found a super cool barber to send my husband to and what started out as a thoughtful gift idea has turned into a recurring appointment that makes sure my husband looks like he’s at the top of his game.  If you’re in Houston you should give Shave a try.  They pride themselves on being a true gentleman’s barbershop with straight razor shaves, eyebrow maintenance and custom beard trimming on the menu too.  My husband loves the free whiskey you get while they work on his looks…I sense a theme here…

Image result for shave houston

This one goes really well when gifted with the custom Italian suit (see above).

5.  Wallet

You’ve got the drinks, the duds and the dapper (hair) all covered-so last but not least it’s time to change the way he carries his (paper) load.  I’m talking wallets people.  If you read my post about Silobration, you know we came across a leather goods company called Range Leather that my husband and I both loved.

Belford Money Clip Wallet
My husband chose the Belford Money Clip Wallet

I walked away with one of their gorgeous leather purses and my husband traded in his bulky wallet for a slim, sleek Range Leather design that he literally talks about loving everyday.  The slimness of their wallets is great because it doesn’t ruin the seat pocket of his (Italian tailored) suit pants but it also gives him the option of wearing it in the front pocket of his pants as well.  It’s nice to have options.

The company is based in Laramie, Wyoming so there are added hipster points for making your guy feel like a supporter of all things rugged and adventurous.  Check Range Leather Company out here and while you’re shopping pick up something nice for yourself as well because you’ve just made it through my Top 5 Best Guy Gifts To Give and you deserve a treat!

It really is better to give than to receive.  Show me the reactions at #howtosuburb on Instagram or get in touch with me if you need more ideas or details-I’d love to help!

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