Weekends Away: Waco Texas and Silobrating with HGTV Fixer Upper’s Chip and Jo Gaines

Sometimes you don’t have to travel very far to have a great time.  And this weekend, to celebrate our ninth wedding anniversary, my husband and I traveled to Waco, Texas with tickets in hand to experience Silobration 2018 and a concert by Johnnyswim.  Ladies and gentlemen, Chip and Jojo did not disappoint.

If you know me or read my blog, you know that I loved the HGTV show Fixer Upper, starring Chip and Joanna Gaines.  I’ve recently hung their wallpaper in our foyer as part of a DIY renovation, I own several pieces from their Target Hearth and Hand collection, and I even went to their furniture collection opening at Star Furniture when they came to town.  I’m a pretty big fan.


We drove into Waco just in time for lunch on Saturday so our first stop was the Twisted Root Burger Company on South 2nd street in town.  With a very relaxed vibe and four projection screens playing Saturday football on the walls (this is Texas y’all), we picked a spot on the keg-bottomed barstools and ordered.  I got the Vegabond Burger made with chickpeas, brown beans, quinoa and brown rice.  It was pretty dang tasty and just what I needed to prepare myself for the long walk around the Magnolia Silos that afternoon.  But my favorite part about lunch was the fried pickles, served with a spicy chipotle ranch dipping sauce.  I loved them so much I ordered a second round before we were even done with the first (turns out I’m not very good at sharing)!


With our taste buds satisfied, it was time to roll up our sleeves and tackle the Silos.  I’d obviously seen the Fixer Upper episode when Chip and Jojo bought the silos and began this big project, and I’ve followed the progress as well, which included the addition of offices, Magnolia Market and a bakery.  But despite several road trips through Waco heading to Dallas, we never actually stopped by.  Until now.


By far my favorite find at the Magnolia Market-reminded us of our favorite church in Siena

I’d heard a song on the radio called “Goodbye Road” and loved the gospel-meets-rootsy vibe so much, I looked into the band.  Turns out, JohnnySwim-the same band from the song-are also the band who sing “Home” on the Fixer Upper episode intros.


What a small world!  And after playing the song for my husband, he surprised me with tickets to their final tour stop-Silobration 2018 in Waco, Texas!

So back to the shopping.  They closed the gates to the Silos at 5 pm to clear the decks and prepare for the concert then reopened them at 6 pm for the ticketed event.  So after lunch, we had a few hours before the gates closed to check out the rows of vendors from all over the country who earned a coveted spot at Silobration to sell their wares.


It was so inspiring to see people there selling products that they made with their own two hands, crafted from ideas in their heads and dreams in their hearts.  But our most favorite vendor was a handmade leather goods company from Laramie, Wyoming called Range Leather Co.  You can check them out here.


If you didn’t already know, every anniversary year there’s a type of theme for the gift-and for year nine, it’s leather.  My husband just so happened to need a new wallet and I just so happen to friggin’ love handcrafted, genuinely gorgeous leather purses, so Range Leather Co. was a perfect fit for us both!  We met the owner and had a great time discussing all of the different products.  I absolutely love my new leather purse and my husband’s new wallet is unlike anything I’ve seen before-so you should definitely check them out!

America was built upon sojourning tradesmen who carried their skills from around the world to live and work in a country where “In God We Trust.” Adam was instructed to work hard and subdue the land. The apostle Paul encouraged those in Thessalonica to “aspire to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands.” We believe that working with your hands is a respectable trade, so that’s what we do. Each product that passes through our Laramie, WY workshop is carefully crafted to wear in, not out. Details are paid attention to and products are built to stand time. At Range Leather Co. we are proud to carry on the made in America tradition.
                                                                                                    -The Range Leather Team
With our new leather goods in tow, we stopped off at a few more vendors, visited a neat boutique housed out of a historic pharmacy building called The Findery and then headed to a super cool coffee shop called Dichotomy to refuel.  The space is vast and industrial (our favorite) with dark charcoal walls and glimmering Edison bulbs suspended from the ceiling.  I ordered the house coffee and my husband had his usual double espresso and it was the perfect place to sit a minute and regroup.
Then it was time for Silobration 2018!  Chip and Jojo not only made an appearance on stage, but talked for an hour about Chip’s marathon training and his new Chip Starter campaign.  The opening act was a band called Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors  and we fell in love with his soulful music and absolutely excellent lyrics.  We all sang “Happy Birthday” to Ella Gaines which was sweet and then Johnnyswim took the stage for a super casual set-you could tell they were really having a great time on the last stop of their recent tour.  The food trucks were plentiful and diverse, the crowd was respectful but fun and the Silos-lit up with twinkle lights-provided the perfect backdrop for the crisp-autumn Waco weather.  It was a magical anniversary with complete kudos to my husband for putting it all together and getting us there.
If you’re a Fixer Upper fan, a supporter of dreams or just in the mood for a great burger and coffee, Waco and Magnolia Silos are a worth-it stop on your next road trip.

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