DIY Front Door First Impressions

I still remember our long house hunt and looking out the window from the little house for sale across the street and taking in the beautiful Georgian-style home on the corner.  It wasn’t for sale, but its regal columns, whimsical balcony and luscious corner lot just spoke to me and I found myself daydreaming about what the inside must look like without a second thought to the 3/2 I was actually walking through.

As luck would have it, the house was listed the next week and after a hard winter and lots of negotiating-thank you law school!- we snatched it up quicker than you could say “Merry Christmas.”

We are so proud of our home, but I’m going to be honest with you-when we first walked inside, we realized we paid mostly for the curb appeal because the inside needed some Love with a capital L.  But, with a lot of blood, sweat and tears (mostly from my husband) we have made this house our home and have grown to really love a fixer upper that we can make our own.

We recently painted our front door from a drab white to a shiny black and I’m LOVING the attention it demands as you drive by.  Then we swapped out the very dated light fixtures flanking the door for these cool galvanized metal lights that give me the farmhouse meets industrial vibe I think I’m mostly going for in our home.

Design House Mason 1-Light Galvanized Outdoor Wall Sconce
We bought these from Home Depot to replace all of our dated outdoor lights

Then I added a layered doormat look thanks to a Studio McGee tutorial I’m so glad I watched (LOVE you SM!)


But my front door statement was still missing something.  So, while I wait on the black porch swings I ordered-and am BEYOND excited to share with you-I went ahead and made a super simple craft that will adorn the front door: My Magnolia Wreath.


We have a gorgeous Magnolia tree growing in our side yard.  If I had to guess I’d say it’s over twenty years old.  And in the spring it blooms with these extra large white flowers that look so pretty against the shiny, waxy leaves of the tree.  And it just so happens that those shiny, waxy leaves look just as beautiful when they’re stuck into a craft-store foam wreath and hung on my front door!


That’s literally all you need-a foam wreath and TONS of Magnolia leaves.  Then just get to sticking.  My kiddos got in on the action and during a break from the rain this weekend they had fun tearing the leaves off and sticking them in the wreath themselves!  I did several layers so I was happy to have the help but overall the project took maybe twenty minutes, start to finish.  I’m not kidding.  And while it’s too early to tell how long the leaves will stay shiny and green, I think I’m just as excited about them possibly browning a bit, as fall foliage tends to do, and then maybe adding orange ribbon or a small cluster of pumpkins?  The point is, this wreath is like the LBD of wreaths because the base is so gorgeous and is such a beautiful blank canvas the possibilities are really endless!

This wreath was just what my front door needed to make a solid first impression for fall.

I still need to add a few more leaves to hide the inner green foam part.  And I headed to Hobby Lobby this morning because ribbon is 50% off this week and I snatched the last roll of this gorgeous gingham-inspired burlap that I’m thinking will look really sweet to hang the wreath from.

Let me know if you make my Magnolia Wreath for your front door and share your creation at #howtosuburb on Instagram.  Now go get crafting!

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