Caramel Candy Apples and How To Celebrate The First Day Of Fall

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I don’t just love change, I need it.  I’m very bad at sitting still.  I make sure to have a book on hand, a project in the works, or a list I need to tackle to fill in any down time that comes my way.  And with four small kids and a life, that down time doesn’t happen much.  But when it does, I’m ready for it.

But living for the moment has its perks too.  In my yoga class this week, our teacher said:

“We create time for all of the things we think we have to get done. But if you ask a bird what time it is, he will tell you ‘now.'”

I know, I know.  But once I was done laughing, I started to think about how useful that perspective can be to remember.

The season is changing and tomorrow is the first day of fall, finally.  And even though it’s still hot and humid outside and the leaves show no signs of submitting to a pile, I’m going to assume the fall position; wreath making, sweater purchases and new recipes to try.


To me there are few things more fall season than caramel and apples.  Extra credit if you find an apple farm to pick your fruit from!

In celebration of the changing of the season, the cool breezes and the beautiful fall temperatures that are bound to come our way in the next few weeks, we are making candy-apples.

I love getting the kids in the kitchen for this one because they can help with virtually every step.  And if sprinkles are involved, I know they’ll come running.

I buy the small kid-size apples in the bag but you can use any type of apple you like!

These make a great after school snack but they’re also very portable so they make super cute teacher gifts or fun treats for the neighbors as well.  So if you’re a little nervous about those upcoming parent-teacher conferences, these candy apples are the perfect ice breaker.

So let’s slow it down today.  Put on your favorite sweater, blast the AC to give yourself that fall feeling and let’s celebrate the new season with candy apples!  It’s going to be “now” all day today, and I’m thankful for days like that, to-do lists be damned.

My daughter handled the unwrapping of all the caramels

My daughter handled the unwrapping of all the caramels; Now we’re just melting them over medium-low heat; I added a splash of orange juice to smooth it out a little quicker and add a delicious flavor;



Perfect! (I am well aware that there are homemade caramel recipes out there. I am also aware that the Barefoot Contessa herself (who I love love love) would be ashamed of me for melting caramel candies to use for my apples…I had a hungry toddler who was too excited to try our candy apples to wait that long for homemade caramel…)

My daughter was also in charge of sprinkles and ended up downing them like a shot after this picture was taken

My daughter was also in charge of sprinkles and ended up downing them like a shot after this picture was taken

These were cute "Autumn Sprinkles" -thanks Mom!


These were cute “Autumn Sprinkles

The finished, delicious product!


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