Out And About For Fairy Magic At Enchanted Gardens


If you live in the suburbs, you most likely have a yard and landscaping can quickly become a four-letter word.  In my experience, people either love it or they hate it.  We (so far) love it.  And when we need any kind of plant, herb, shrub, flower or mulch, we like to take a short drive to the country and visit our favorite nursery of all time, Enchanted Gardens.


A neighbor had told me about it when we first moved in and so the first time we landscaped, that’s where we headed.  They sell herbs and succulents; they have two goats, several roosters and chickens for the kids’ viewing pleasure; several tabby cats to run around with; and a beautiful selection of plants and flowers.  It’s all laid out on narrow gravel paths decorated with stone statues and dotted with random lily ponds with frogs.  I love going just as much, if not more, than my kids.


If we had to pick, our most favorite spot at Enchanted Gardens is the fairy tree-a majestic live oak centered around a fairy world, decorated with all the miniature fixtures a fairy would need.  There’s a wooden swing, a bridge, a mini-camper for a quick trip around the nursery.  There’s toadstools to sit on and white picket fencing around tree houses.  It’s a little world unto itself and my kids get lost in the fantasy while I go pick out the plants.  We hate to leave and always think of excuses to get back out there.  Enchanted Gardens even hosts workshops on some weekends about how to plant your own potted fairy garden.  I love this place!


With a house (almost!) full of little girls and my oldest heading to school for the first time, the fairy tree inspired me to bring some of that Enchanted Garden back home with us, besides all the landscaping we planted.  Luckily, we have a sweet friend that is an incredible artist and we commissioned her to paint a mural on my daughter’s bedroom wall to bring that sense of fairy magic to her room and transport and inspire her when she got home from school or closed her eyes to dream.


And since we had this gorgeous backdrop with a live-oak tree painted on the wall, we figured a wooden swing my daughter could use would be the perfect 3-D touch.  And since no magical fairy wall is complete without a fairy door, we asked our artist friend to add one on the tree as well.

Then I found these Fairy Doors and the theme was complete!  They get hung right on the wall and usually come with a mailbox of some sort, and that’s the door that your fairy can come through to visit you.



Our Fairy Door came with a book that told us all about my daughter’s personal fairy and stickers to decorate with.  My daughter and her fairy, Brianna, exchange mail, small gifts or drawings in the mailbox that we hung directly next to the door.  And since fairies can’t fly without pixie dust, it comes with a bottle of glitter that can be sprinkled around the door and room so you know when the fairy has been to visit.  She usually comes under the cover of night when my daughter is asleep-go figure 🙂


The Fairy Door has been the perfect addition to my daughter’s mural and room and she still gets really excited when she sees the glitter and proclaims “Brianna came to visit!”  I’ve also had a fun time giving these doors out as birthday gifts for school and ballet friends.  It’s a fun trend to try or a new tradition to start.

Our Enchanted Gardens (and other places like Hobby Lobby and Michaels) sells fairy furniture and accessories too, so you could really take this idea and run with it!  It takes potted fairy gardens to a whole new level and it’s a clever way to add a little magic to your daughter’s day.  What could be better than those smiles?


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