A Match Made At Target: A Fixer Upper Farmhouse Meets Lori Dolls

When I was a little girl, my grandparents had a dollhouse made for me.  It was a three story farmhouse with a wrap around front porch and tiny details, like individual wooden shingles and little windows that actually opened and closed.  I adored that dollhouse.

My grandparents would take me to boutique dollhouse stores when they were in town and we would shop for all of the carpet, wallpaper and furnishings to decorate the house with.  I love those special memories and I think that dollhouse and those shopping trips were what really sparked my interest in interior design and decorating.

Which is why I loved the shower Fixer Upper so much.  The combination of Chip, a talented contractor and Jojo, an interior designer whose unique style put farmhouse decor on the map-made for very entertaining TV.  And millions of people agree.  I was drawn to their strong marriage, teamwork and great sense of humor and had watched their show from the very first episode.


I even went to see them at the launch of their Star Furniture collection in my city!  So needless to say when they launched their Hearth and Hand line at Target, I went a little overboard.  It’s funny how I used to be squealing over NSync and Backstreet Boys and now I’m fangirling about interior designers but hey, we all grow up!


Of all the beautiful home goods in the lineup at Target, my favorite piece that I was most excited about in the Hearth and Hand collection was, of course, the dollhouse.  When I became a mom with little girls, I couldn’t wait to pass on my obsession passion for dollhouses and design.  So for Christmas last year we kept the tradition alive and the girls were gifted the Hearth and Hand dollhouse.  You can buy it here.

Wooden Dollhouse with Furniture - Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia - image 3 of 5

I My girls love it so much!  It’s huge-it stands at almost 30 inches high which is great for adults and kiddos who want to stand and play; it has three stories and a beautiful balcony with French doors.  It has white shiplap siding on the outside with black shutters and green doors; and a cute front porch with an awning and banisters.


It comes with a few select pieces of furniture like a couch, bed and some tables but it’s pretty basic and also doesn’t come with a “family” set to live in the dollhouse.  So, I was immediately on the hunt to find some furnishings and dolls that would work well with the scale of the house so my daughters could get to playing!

Have you shopped for dollhouse furniture lately?  It’s not pretty out there!

It seems most of the furniture I found hadn’t been updated since I was a little girl; It’s all Victorian and floral prints, which is great, but doesn’t go with the ‘farmhouse’ vibe of this Magnolia-designs inspired dollhouse.


So after shopping around, I finally circled back to Target and I was so excited to come across Lori Dolls.  You can shop them here.

Lori Dolls


The Lori Doll collection is made by a company called Maison Battat Inc.  This is coincidentally the same company that makes the B Toys and Our Generation Dolls you’ve seen at Target-more on that later.

Lori dolls are small-about 6 inches-and they also just so happen to be the PERFECT size for the Hearth and Hand by Magnolia dollhouse doors and stairs!  While they don’t make a “family” set per se, we bought the Ellie doll and the farmhouse is hers.

Main Picture

I love these dolls because 1) they are the best fit for the dollhouse and 2) the website tells you a little bit of background information on each doll so you can pick the ones that best match your kiddo!  We also bought the Vespa and dog that comes with it and my daughter has been having a great time moving Ellie into her new digs.


It looks like the preferred retailer for the Lori Dolls is Target, although I have had some luck on Amazon as well.  Our Target store doesn’t have a huge stock of the Lori Doll accessories-there’s a ballet studio for the dolls that I’m trying to track down so if you find one, will you please get in touch and tell me where?  Thanks!

Main Picture
Lori Dolls Ballet Studio


All in all, the dollhouse and the Lori doll have been a great fit.  My girls spend hours playing with them and I can’t help but hope they’re creating the same awesome dollhouse memories I already cherish.  Happy playing!


Do you have the Hearth and Hand dollhouse or Lori Dolls?  Get in touch and tell me what you think!

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