But First, Coffee: Out & About For Minuti

My husband forgot his lunch today.  With a busy weekend on the road and a hectic early morning meeting to make, he walked right out without it.  So I decided to drop it off at his office with a hot espresso to boot!  #wifepoints.

Fortunately, we have an amazing coffee shop WITH A DRIVE THROUGH right down the road.  It’s biking distance, so sometimes I take my Bianchi, but today we were heading to his office so we drove.

Nothing makes Monday morning easier than an extra shot of Italian espresso, am I right?

When my husband and I first visited Sicily, we had the honor of meeting my extended Sicilian relatives for the first time.  They were warm, gracious, hospitable and just lovely.


We actually stayed with them for a few days ahead of our booked Taormina hotel.  Everyday, several times a day, while we stayed with them, my third cousin, Serafino, would make an espresso for my husband.  He had never had one before and was fascinated with the process and the results.

Moriondo's espresso patent
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When it was time to leave their home and head to our hotel, my family gave us a few parting gifts to remember them by.  They gave my husband a stove top espresso maker so he could create his new favorite drink back home.


And he does, every morning.  His espresso maker is so loved the bottom is burned a bit and the handle has fallen off.  But it still makes a darn great cup of espresso and reminds us of our trip and of our beloved Serafino, so it holds a place of honor on our cooktop every day.


When I’m out and about and in the mood for an authentic cup of Italian coffee or, like today, I’m driving through on my way to meet up with the hubs, I always go to our Minuti.

Minuti is about as true-to-Italy as I can get in the suburbs and I’m so grateful to have one near our neighborhood.  They pride themselves on being the only coffee shop in the U.S. that sells the Molinari brand of coffee which also happens to be organic and fair trade:

“Just as the old coffee houses, set up in Italy during the 19th century, such as the “Pedrocchi of Padua, the “Florian” of Venice and the “Caffè Greco” in Rome, became famous as meeting places for intellectuals and artists of the era as well as for political and patriotic ferment, also in Modena, a lively city in the Po Valley, the family set up the Bar Molinari in the Via Emilia in the heart of the city in 1911. It is interesting to note that Bar Molinari became known and passed into history with the more modern title of “bar”, abandoning the old 18th century title of “Cafè”

It’s a beautiful shop with industrial-modern decor with that inviting coffee aroma that welcomes you when you walk through the doors.  I’m always so impressed with how upbeat and helpful the staff are and I often buy my Molinari in big bags so I can make it myself at home.

These days everyone has their own favorite coffee jaunts and preferences.  If you havn’t found yours yet or you’re tiring of your choice, go Minuti and I dare you not to fall in love with the well-made coffee and inspiring atmosphere.  I always love getting outside of my suburban comfort zone and trying new things, but it’s also so great when those new things happen to pop up in my area!

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