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Summer is coming to a close.  It’s dog days, but cooler nights.  Fall is on the horizon, and with it will come crisp breezes and rustling leaves.  I find myself willing fall to get here soon and bring some sweet relief to these sweltering summer days.

But until it does, I’m going to make-and share with you- a drink so cool and refreshing and rejuvenating it’ll almost make you wish these extra hot days would stick around for just a little while longer.

Whether it’s the incredible food, the arts or fashion, it’s a safe bet to look to Italians for inspiration in any number of categories.

Me in Venice!

The Aperol Spritz is an Italian classic.  Legend has it that the Aperol Spritz was born in the 1800’s near Venice during the time of the Napoleonic wars.  Apparently the Austrian soldiers couldn’t quite handle the bold Italian wine, so they added a “spritz,” or splash, of water to thin everything out.

Me in Venice!

Then in 1919 the Barbieri brothers created the Aperol liqueur and with aggressive advertising the liqueur enjoyed immense popularity among the younger, wine-spritzer-drinking crowds and the wine-soda-Aperol combination was created.

With just three simple ingredients it’s a light drink that’s easy to enjoy poolside or on an evening passeggiata.  The bubbles and sweet from the Prosecco and the bitter, citrus-infused flavor from the Aperol with a little splash from the soda make the perfect summer cocktail.  Even the color looks like an Italian summer sunset.  Add a blood orange slice for some extra garnish and style and you’re ready to Aperitivo! Salute summer!

The Aperol Spritz

  • 3 parts dry prosecco
  • 2 parts Aperol
  • 1 splash soda
  • Serve on the rocks in a wine glass or rocks glass
  • Garnish with a slice of orange

How do you aperitivo?  Get in touch and let me know or share your favorite cocktail recipe!

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