From Country To Suburbs In 5

If you’ve been to the Weekends Away page on my blog, you know that we love us some Texas Hill Country.  The millions of stars, the animals, that hill country breeze-we just can’t get enough!


With school starting this week, we thought we’d spend our last weekend of summer soaking up some sun at our hill country home away from home.  We invited our neighbors and their four children and with a packed house, we had a blast!  The kids all got along, the adults got to catch up and everyone had a great time.  We just didn’t want to leave!


But not to worry!  I have some great ideas for capturing that country life weekend away and bringing it home to the suburbs with you, so that feeling can happen over and over again without having to leave home!


Adding some farmhouse touches to my suburban home is the BEST way to remind me of a special moment or bring me back to a memory.  A certain spot you create in your very own home in the suburbs may even help recreate a sense of country calm and relaxation in an otherwise busy household.  So read on for my

From Country To Suburbs In 5:

1. Plant A Garden Whether it’s herbs, vegetables or flowers, planting something you water, take care of and cook with is a great way to get your farmer vibes fulfilled!  I’m no green thumb, so we planted an herb garden and a xeriscape butterfly garden in our side yard.  Not only do my kids love chasing the butterflies around, everyone enjoys picking their favorite herbs to add to our salads and dinners.


2. Buy a Firepit Nothing says country like a wood-burning fire!  Fire pits come in all shapes and sizes so pick out one that works for your purposes and light it up!  The first thing we do when we get to our place in the country is make s’mores-it’s just not a weekend away without them.  A fire pit lets you recreate that memory right in your own backyard in the ‘burbs.  Be sure to pack extra s’more supplies for the neighbors who are sure to stop by!


3. Grill Out I can tell when my husband is missing the country when he offers to make dinner on the grill.  Getting out of the kitchen and cooking your food over an open flame just says “freedom,” so fire up the grill and get outside to enjoy the last nights of summer.  Those vegetables from your new garden will char up perfectly on the grill with a little olive oil, salt and pepper for a super simple, delicious and healthy “farm”-to-table dish!

4. Buy Some Boots There are so many stylish boots out right now for the upcoming fall season and they’re not just for the farm!  Whether you’re running errands around town or doing the school pick up, cowgirl boots are a stylish alternative for the usual footwear.  Like a great pair of jeans, they’re incredibly comfortable after you’ve broken them in and they go great with the floral print fit-and-flare dresses we’ve been wearing all summer.  When temperatures drop, add some tights and a fitted jean jacket and you’re good to go!

5.  Farmhouse Touches Your house doesn’t have to be covered in shiplap on acreage to incorporate farmhouse finds to your interior decor.  Create a space-or spaces-in your home that remind you of a weekend away.  We installed a barn door and bought a cowhide rug for our study and it brings me back to the Hill Country whenever I spend time in there.  Maybe it’s a candle with a country-inspired scent or a picture you took on a weekend away that you frame and display in your home-create places in your suburban home that remind you of where you’ve been.  You’ll be feeling like a cowgirl in no time!

My favorite morning coffee spot!


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